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feeding friendly birds in australia
Passionate About What I Do

I've been looking after animals for about 13+ years I have always been dedicated to looking after animals to the best of my ability. In order to be able to look after animals well you have to have a good understanding of there behaviors and there current routine. My business is based in Uckfield, Heathfield and surrounding areas around East Sussex. 

The essence of my work is to provide the best care for each animal individual needs no matter how unique they are. I love waking up every morning to do this job its great seeing all there faces and giving them there physical, mental needs and of course a lot of love. I would love to eventually have a doggie day care centre and a small rescue centre. Small enough to work with each animal to get them into the correct homes,


It is important to be able to understand every animal I look after so I provide the best care I can. I will always try to follow your care lines as I understand everyone looks after there animals in there own way. I love working with return clients, as well as creating a bond with new ones.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

  • 10  years of owning my own horse

  • 17 years of owning a varity of animals including chickens, ducks, ferret, rabbits, dogs, cats

  • 7 years of looking after other peoples animals

  • Experience working on pig farms

  • Extended diploma level 3 in animal management

  • Level 1 in animal and horse care

  • Level 2 6 credits in canine behaviour, development, animal learning theory

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